Green Arrow is a Member in both Justice league and young justice he is a man at the age of 30 or younger he is a basic man with no powers but equiped with a Bow and Arrow hence the name Green Arrow.

250px-Green Arrow

"It looks like my work here is done"

Vital statistics
Real name Oliver Queen[1]
Age (2010) 32[2]
Age (2016) 37
Species Human
Designation 08[3]
Production details
First appearance "Independence Day"
Voiced by

Physical Apperence Edit

He looks like a man of the age of 30 or over wears a hoodie and has a green coat he has a arrow stack on his back to stack his arrows simalar to Red Arrow and Artemis and he has a beard and a mustace 

personality Edit

Green Arrow is one of the more lighthearted members of the Justice League, who doesn't always take himself as seriously as many of the other members. Always as quick with a quip and joke as he is with his bow, he seems to have a sense of fun when he's out in the field. This however can often put him at odds with his teammates, particularly members like Batman.

Apperences Edit

he has appered in most of the episodes in Young Justice because him being there tutor

here is his apperence in my Series 

Season 1Edit

  1.  when more things appear 
  2. bad guys loes again 
  3. BOWS! and arrows
  4. two one FIRE
  5. makes one makes two
  6. see me now you dont

Season 2Edit

to be comfirned