Wally West (Kid Flash)
200px-Kid Flash
Full name: Wally West
Age: 15/16(2010) /20(2016)
First appearance: Fireworks (before Fireworks)
Latest appearance: 'Endgame'
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Relatives: Artemis (Girlfriend), Barry (Flash) (Uncle, mentor)
Physical Characteristics
Gender: male
Hair color: red
Eye color: blue

Kid Flash (real name Wally West, born November 11, 1994) was a founding member of the Team. He is the nephew and former sidekick of Barry Allen, although he is currently retired from his hero life and attending college.

Five years later, Wally's personality remains relatively the same as before, although he has matured quite a bit. He is not as much of a joker anymore, and takes things a bit more seriously. He is adamant on quitting the superhero life for both himself and Artemis

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