Welcome to Young Justice: The Main Years Wiki, and I'm pleased to see you here this term. I'm Jacob Mason, the founder of the wiki, and my co-founder Possum is here to help as well. Also, we will not tolerate bad behaviour here, this wiki is a hard working company and must be protected,

This wiki is about a DC show on Cartoon Network called Young Justice. It's about a group of young heroes who are chosen by the 'Justice League' who is runned by The Cape Crusader Batman and the Man of Steel, Superman. 

Name (Heroes) Age Mentor First Apperence  Active
Robin  13 Batman Independence Day Yes
Aqualad 14 Aquaman Independence Day  Yes
Artemis 14 Green Arrow  Intertor Yes
Superboy  1 (16 in human years)


Lex Luthor  

Independence Day Yes
Miss Martian 48 (15 in human years) Martian Manhunter Fireworks  Yes
Kid Flash  15/16 The Flash  Independence Day No
Rocket 14 Iacon Unknown  Yes 
Zartana  13 Zantar In Unknown Yes

The reason Kid Flash is not active because sadly he died on the final episode of the second season