My story... Right where to start? So many places to start, all right I picked.

About meEdit

Well I'm Robert Naylor, also known as Shotgun02 as that's my Wiki account name, I have a like for songs about war and I play Warhammer 40,000 if you don't know what it is google it.

What I'm good at and what I'm bad atEdit

I'm good at painting, reading, thinking up names for things, playing strategy games most people like to use tanks but I like to use the infanty as they can play hell in citys with tanks, I normally have a very small scale armor force of light tanks and light APC's to help if the infanty are under tank attack and need help I also use the air force as a scout force or just to scout out then drop bombs on my enemy.

I'm bad at working under huge preasure and I tend to mess up, thinking of new tactic's I stick to the same tactic, it's good at fighting a A.I. enemy but try the same tactic on a real enemy and I'm in for a ass kicking, there isn't much I can't say I'm bad at.

What kind of weapons I like to use in gamesEdit

Depening on what is needed I pick weapons to suit what is needed of me to do.

Songs I likeEdit

Songs I like in alphabetical order, I also like Nightcore, don't know what that is google it.

  • 10th Man Down by Nightwish
  • Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab
  • Click Click Boom by Saliva.
  • Die With Honor by Manowar.
  • Frontline by Pillar.
  • Ghost Division by Sabaton.
  • Last Ammunition by Deathstars.
  • Last Man Standing by Hammerfall.
  • Panzer Battalion by Sabaton.
  • The Art Of War by Sabaton.
  • The Chosen Ones by Dream Evil.
  • The Price Of A Mile by Sabaton.