Superman (Real name Kal-El, hidden identity Clark Kent) is a famous Kryptonian hero from Metropolis, a reporter from the Daily Planet, and founder of the Justice League.


As Superman, Clark has a natural easy-going demeanor yet an impressive presence. He seems quick to take command of situations, which makes him one of the League's more prominent leaders and public figures. As a member of the League, he seems to have a good working and personal relationship with his comrades, and is able to handle most situations with a cool and calm head.

However, this normally controlled appearance broke down slightly when in the vicinity of his clone, Superboy, during the first six months after they were introduced. The fact that Cadmus created a copy of him seemed to greatly unnerve the Man of Steel, to the point where he was visibly reluctant to be in the presence of the boy and consistently attempted to escape interaction with him at the earliest opportunity. Superman appeared unwilling to have any role in the education, raising or mentoring of Superboy, and instead tried to divert responsibility to others, such as Batman and Red Tornado. When Batman suggested that Superman is the equivalent of Superboy's father, this provoked a discreet flare of anger in a public setting.[1]]Five years later, this seems to have changed, and Superman has taken on a fraternal role with Superboy.

Superman goes out of his way to protect the lives of all living beings, even those of his enemies.

 Physical appearance
Superman resembles a tall, muscular Caucasian male with vivid blue eyes and short black hair with a curl over his forehead. He wears a blue uniform with his famous red-and-yellow "S" shield on his chest, red trunks, a yellow belt, red boots and a red cape. As Clark Kent however, he wears horn-rimmed glasses, a fedora, and a loose fitting suit that hides his natural physical figure. He also wears his hair in a different style to further differentiate his dual identities.


Kryptonite: Superman weakens considerably if he is exposed to the radiation emitted by Kryptonite