Thanks to the people who voted today. since the Death of Kid Flash, this Poll has been voted twice now and i really want to know who voted, so if you see this please comment to say you voted and please put a nice comment why. And another thing, the first episdoe has been cancilled because this wiki is not a series but a website and. both a blog and a wiki for anyone who comes here to make pages of anything you want, not just Young Justice, now you can put stuff like Ben 10, Batman, Lifestyle, Food and Drink, Call of Duty. Anything you want

Everyone here has made me proud and i wish that this wiki would make more pages and changes and when the 30th page has been made the next goal 50 pages will begin and so on to 100th pages which i would believe would be at 2014 or later maybe if everyone edits and joins.

Thank you for reading this

JacobMason2345 AKA Jacob Mason