The Goal has been complete. The wiki has made 30 pages and has still been going on. I would just like to stay Thank you to all the editors who joined and helped with this wiki:

  • Green Arrow FT
  • TammarGwen
  • Neggeh
  • Mason
  • Killer
  • Rigbone the Rocker

And the others who have voted in this wiki. And i would like to inform that the new goal (to reach 40 pages) is now going ahead and i would like everyone to help with that.

And another thing. The new rule= No Flooding in chat' has just been put into the wiki thanks to the wiki users of Community Central chat so i would like who ever see's this to say thank you to them because i ain't able to at the moment. 

And lastly. The Young Justice wiki's topic has been changed. since the wiki is about a Kids show, well no more it's now about anything, any topic, it's like Community Central. And i hope that it might be as the same.

JacobMason2345 AKA Jacob Mason/Founder/User at Wiki JacobMason2345 (talk) 11:32, April 2, 2013 (UTC)